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Secret affairs in Bollywood

There have been a lot of Bollywood celebrities who have stayed in the minds of their fans not only because of their work but also because of their alleged relationships. The fans of these celebrities should be aware of the affair and relationships that their favorite celebrities had in the past or are still having […]

History of ScoopWhoop

Rise of ScoopWhoop

In the age of Digital Media, people love watching everything right from movies to news to stories – all on their phone or laptop at one place. Many companies such as The Indian Dudes, Scoopwhoop, PagalParrot etc are the most popular amongst people whenever they wish to read something interesting. These sites present the content […]

Bollywood controversies in 2017

Bollywood and controversies are always believed to go hand in hand. The controversies have actually become very common as far as Bollywood is concerned. So it would not be wrong if we try to modify the age-old saying and present a controversy saying as: “Where there is Bollywood, There has to be a controversy” CeoandTrends […]

Bollywood’s biggest rivalries

Bollywood has witnessed every single human feeling – be it love, friendship, anger or jealousy. But one specific feeling which Bollywood has been experiencing since ages. Extreme rivalry! Yes, Bollywood has been a witness to very interesting rivalries for a long time. Right from professional reasons for personal reasons, the reasons are different, but the […]

Hollywood and Bollywood

Hollywood vs Bollywood

An Introduction to Hollywood and Bollywood Hollywood and Bollywood are two popular silver screens in the world. Hollywood is globally renowned and Bollywood is very famous in the eastern countries and has been earning some fame in various western nations as well, such as the United States. Hollywood and Bollywood – How did they come […]

15 most controversial couples

Bollywood couples have been always in the media. Some or the other couple is always seen in the media for whatever reasons. There has been a lot of controversies about the celebrity couples. CEO&Trends brings to you 15 controversial couples of Bollywood: 1. Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan Amrita Singh is one of those […]

Interesting records that Bollywood has created - Guinness World Records

Top 15 records that Bollywood has created

Style, fashion, celebrities, controversies, media, luxury – that is Bollywood! The Bollywood film industry has completed more than 119 years of existence. People are crazy about the stars and celebrities and are fascinated by their lifestyle. So here are top 15 records that Bollywood has created: 1. In 2017, India had produced a whopping 1,986 […]