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facts about TATA

15 lesser known facts about Tata – Part 1

Founded in 1868 by Jamshedji Tata, Tata group of companies, have been dominating the Indian market for 150 years now. Their name is present in every Indian household for a long time. But, there are things which are not known to many people even now. This comprehensive article on facts about TATA will make you realise […]

PUBG Company

The Architects behind PUBG

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Everyone these days are fighting for it – be it teenager or office going people or even school kids! Almost everyone with a smartphone is fighting for their ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. PUBG – many of you already have it installed in your phones and almost every one of us has […]

Twitter Data leak

Twitter User? Change your password immediately

While Facebook and Uber Technologies are facing serious charges of Data security, Twitter came to the forefront and urged its 330 Million users to change their password. In a series of blogs, it confessed that due to a glitch, user’s password was stored in a readable text to its internal computer system instead of disguising […]