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De Beers and marketing


AN INTRODUCTION Diamond is the most precious and known to be the hardest substance that occurs naturally and is found on the earth. The substance serves two main functions and has 2 usages in today’s world – jewelry and most importantly, for industrial uses. Approximately, 50% of the number of Diamonds which are extracted from […]

Analysis of WeChat

Analysis of WeChat

Go-to apps for everything The usage of internet and apps for different purposes has been growing rapidly in this generation of internet. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, WeChat etc are some of the apps which are used very commonly around the world. People have been using the internet for a lot of things – right from […]

Amazon and Alibaba

Amazon Vs Alibaba – The battle of giants

An introduction to E-commerce In the modern age, the usage of electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, and computers have increased a lot. There is a phone or a laptop or a computer in almost every single house. E-commerce growing very rapidly in this century. Growing along with that is the number of people using e-commerce. […]

Are you capable of being a manager?

Are you a Good Manager The success of the company actually depends on its employees. The organization will only become successful if the employees work properly and efficiently. But what if the employee is not working properly? This is where the good manager comes into the picture Is the manager a Superhero? Well, the manager […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - How it will affect the working population

Artificial Intelligence – A boon or a curse

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI), also called Machine Intelligence, is the intellectual demonstration done by machines instead of the natural intelligence which is displayed by human beings and other animals. In the field of computer science, AI research is defined as the study about “intelligent agents” which means any device that understands its […]