15 advertisements which are hilarious

15 top advertisements

15 advertisements which are hilarious

15 advertisements that give out a hilarious and funny message! Read the entire article to know more.

Advertisements have been a part of every business since forever. To a great extent, the success of a business and the company actually depends on the quality of their advertisements. Advertising can be done in many ways such as print media, social media or audio-visual media. If you wish to make your product popular amongst the audience, the best medium of advertising which you can choose will be Television.

The television advertisement is one of the most effective types of mass advertising as it reaches many people across cities, states or even countries. The advertising industry is growing at a hilarious pace in India and has, therefore, become a vital part in shaping the image of the company. The advertisements on television depend upon the size of the commercial as well as timing when the advertisement is aired. In order to air the advertisement during the peak hours, it will cost a lot more than other time slots.

Well, advertisements are actually meant to give information to the people about the company's products and services. However, some of the advertisers go out of their way to create an advertisement which will come out to be appealing for the people. Instead of spreading awareness about the product, there are some advertisements which give out a rather hilarious message.

CEOandTrends brings you 15 hilarious advertisements which will tell you a different story from what they actually wanted to say:

1} If you are married and have a neighbor and that person uses Axe deodorant, your relationship is not secure. Your wife will surely get the smell of his deo and ditch you for him.

15 top advertisements

Well, the Axe-Effect has literal meaning to it as it can actually axe you out of your relationship.

2} If you don’t have a Postgraduate degree it is acceptable. But if you do not have a fair skin, you will surely be appointed on your dream job.

15 top advertisements

So the point is – ‘want a job? Be Fair’

3} Every single dental brand in India are No 1 and is recommending by all the dentists of India. Brushing your teeth with any of these kinds of toothpaste will make your teeth and smile look better.

15 top advertisements

The best thing about such things is that they will make your teeth shine like Halogen lights.

4} The toothpaste companies are worried about you that you don’t even have a clue of. They have added salt in every single toothpaste so that you don’t fall with goiter.

15 top advertisements

Well, there is always a chance of you getting some ailment due to excess salt in your body.

5} If you are or happen to know any married couple who had an arranged marriage and are extremely awkward around each other, suggest them to gift Jewellery. Jewelry can make two people fall in love, no matter how awkward or uneasy they are.

15 top advertisements

The reason behind this is that these ornaments have a secret formula. Secret Tip: The more expensive the jewelry, the more the love!

6} All the girls are more interested in a guy's deodorant than any other thing in the world.

15 top advertisements

Well, seems like deodorants are probably better than many of those dating apps!

7} There are a large number of different hand washes from different companies. But one thing which all of them have in common is, the inability to kill that 0.1% germs!

15 top advertisements

All of them can only kill 99.9% germs. Looks like those 0.1% germs are immortal.

8} Probably, some celebrities do not earn enough to buy one soft drink for them to drink. So, they put their lives at risk instead of just simply spending around 50 bucks from their own pockets.

Image result

Well, anyone can Taste the Thunder in a soft drink at home as well. You might not actually need
to jump off helicopters and over buildings for that.

9} The number of fruits in a mixed fruit juice is less than the number of fruits in Shampoos.

15 topa advertisements

You can find strawberry, mango, blueberry, grapes, apple, peach…..Phew!!

10} The special effects shown in Hollywood movies are nothing as compared to those shown in the shampoo advertisements.

15 topa advertisements

So if anyone is really keen on making a Hollywood movie with heavy special effects, consider hiring the guys who make these ads.

11} If you have chocolate in your hand, don't eat it! There are things which you should do before eating the chocolate.

15 top advertisements

Tear the packet and smother the chocolate all over your face first. This way you will be able to experience the best taste of that chocolate.

12} The only talks that happen between a mother and a daughter is about the hair products that they use.

15 top advertisements

Never do they talk about the things that are happening in their life. All they have to talk is, “hey you have hair fall? Try this hair oil. I have been using this for years.”

13} If you do not keep your toilet clean, a TV Channel crew will barge into your house and make a video of your commode.

15 top advertisements

The moral is, keep your toilet clean or you might be on TV.

14} Regardless of the field, if a person is wearing a lab coat, he/she is an expert.


Why are you wasting time studying for years & getting degrees? Put on a lab coat and you are good to go.

15} In ancient times when the climate was snowy, people used to wear a lot of clothes and stay inside their house.

15 top advertisements

But now, thanks to the new inners. You can wear just the inners in cold climates. That way you can experience the warmth even in cold temperatures.

Well, these are really interesting advertisements and can really make us laugh. There are several other ads which are equally hilarious. Let us know which is your favorite advertisement in the comment section down below.

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