Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor – A story that will run shivers down your spine


Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor – A story that will run shivers down your spine

Kanika Kapoor’s life story is no less than a movie story, which will both shock you and put you in tears! Read the entire article to know.

Kanika Kapoor has been slaying in Bollywood with extremely popular songs. She has given to Bollywood, songs like Baby Doll, Chittiyan Kalaiyan and many more. She is extremely popular for her party songs and Bollywood dance numbers. But there is a side to Kanika which not many people know about. And trust us, that side can melt your heart! Kanika Kapoor was married at a very young age of 18, many people know this. But not many people know that she is a mother of three!! Yes, she has wonderful three kids and is divorced. She had been married to her NRI husband for 15 long years and got separated in 2012. She has 2 daughters and a son. Her daughter is 10 and 7 years old and her son is 11. Well, even Wikipedia doesn’t know much about her children, not even their names.

Kanika Kapoor SingerKanika Kapoor Singer

Being the stunning singer she is, she has given the people foot-tapping songs. You might be loving her for her songs. But, after reading her story in an interview with her, you will love her and salute her for her struggle, strength, and perseverance! In an interview, she opened up about her personal life, in detail.

This is what she said:

“I got married to Raj and moved to London when I was only 18. I was a normal papad achaar housewife, had three kids and was happily playing a mother to them until we separated about five years ago and finally divorced three years back.” She also spoke about the major changes which a marriage brings in the life of a woman. She stated: “Marriage exposed me to a fancy life of another level and that kind of took over me. I was materialistic, egoistic, vain and was full of myself, to the extent of being borderline arrogant.” In another interview, Kanika Kapoor said: “I was a very young wife, a young mother, and then a very young single mother. I saw the whole circle of life in my 20s itself. Living in London and bringing up three children alone was very expensive.”

When asked about her failed marriage, she really had to gather up all her courage to open up. She said:

“I didn’t fight. I just moved away. I’m not confrontational. If something isn’t going right, I ignore it and concentrate on the positives. That is what I did even when I was going through hell. It was difficult. But, today, when I see other people going through so much, I feel my life is much easier. Going through a bad marriage was difficult, but most women are in bad marriages. They just don’t talk about it, and they can’t get out of it.”

Kanika Kapoor is a person who is really grateful to God for helping her move ahead in her life. She added:

“I am thankful that God gave me the strength to get up, be a single mother, and restart my life when people were throwing stones at me. I believe that you should just work hard, and things will happen. Time is never wasted.”
At a point in Kanika’s life, she had become suicidal. She was nervous and afraid in her life.

While talking about that time when she was on the verge of ending her life, she said:

“It happens when you have no money, are going through a bad divorce, and the lawyers are squeezing you to the limit. Plus, you have three kids, who have been thrown out of school because you haven’t paid the fees. Then, you fall sick. You hit a low and feel that there is nothing left. But, at the time, I got a lot of support from my mother, my brother, and a few friends.”

After a point, things started to fall in place for this Bollywood singer. At that time, this is what she felt:

“After being a housewife for 13 years and a mother of three, I was put on stage with Shah Rukh Khan! I was trembling on stage and did not know what to do. From singing bhajans with Anup Jalota, I was doing hip-hop and item songs!”

Also, she mentioned that the stardom which she has got was after a long struggle. She had to walk down a very long path of struggle to achieve this point in life. About that time, she said:

“While I was going through all the ups and downs in my life, I got a call from Ekta Kapoor’s office to sing the Baby Doll song. I wasn’t in India during the music release, as I had been hospitalized around that time. I had hit my lowest just before Baby Doll came out. After Baby Doll, Kanika Kapoor never looked back. She was, not on the ladder, but on the escalator of success. Things changed totally for her and she was content in her life after a long time. She said: “I never complain. I just work harder in every possible way – as a mother, a daughter, a friend and a boss.”

Kanika Kapoor singer

Well, it is rightly said that good things happen after the bad things. After facing all the hardships in her life, Kanika is now totally happy and content in her life. She has been a very strong and courageous lady. We are lucky to have such a strong and talented singer in Bollywood with us. We salute her for that and wish her all the success in future! Bollywood is proud of Kanika Kapoor!

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