Android Pie – All you need to you know about it

Android Pie coming soon

Android Pie – All you need to you know about it

Android Pie is soon going to be all around the market. To know more about Android P and its latest services and offers read below.

Android Pie Introduction

Google has finally implemented the technology and launched the Beta version before rolling out the official global version. Google has launched about 4 beta versions of the version. The first version was launched in March 2018, followed by versions in June, July and the final version in the first half of August. Android Pie is also said to have gesture control features and a lot more exciting features.

Android Pie coming soon

Since decades, Android phones and services have been fascinating the mankind. Android is a type of operating system for mobiles which was developed by Google at the beginning of 2005. However, today Android is used in many devices other than mobiles. Till date, there have been 15 versions of Android which have been released, of which Android Oreo has been the latest version which is released.

What’s Special In This Update?

The Android Pie is built with updated features and is going to be the most advanced Android yet. It will be having AI features and gesture control features. The AI features enable your device to learn from your usage and adapt as per your usage. This makes your phone smarter, faster, and more user-friendly as you use it. It also adjusts your phone with your usage behavior. Moreover, it also learns about your preferences with time. Your quality of experience also keeps on increasing with passing time.

CEO&Trends brings you some of the features of Android Pie and Android P which you might need to know:

1. Accessibility Menu – In Android P, the most common functions and actions like capturing a screenshot and navigating through one hand have become easier. This feature makes accessing many of the common functions very easy. This has made it more efficient for the motor impaired users.

2. Select to Speak & OCR in Camera – With select to speak function, you can choose the text on the screens and that text/content will be read out aloud automatically. Now the Android 9 has added OCR support which simply selects the text when using the camera and the text will be highlighted to read aloud.

3. Sound Speaker – This new feature is likely to fulfill the needs of musicians and music-lovers. This service makes it more simple and easier to understand the conversations by dynamically making the adjustment over 100 settings to boost up the volume in the era of the loud restaurant, bar, and concerts.

4. External Camera Support – Android Pie now supports the external USB/UVC cameras on certain devices which can be easily accessed using your smartphone.

5. Android Biometric Prompt – This Android version will introduce a couple of new security features, which will be including a standardized biometric authentication prompt to experience a more constant and consistent authentication on your Android device.

Android Pie coming soon

Android Pie update has been already rolled out for the Google Pixel devices. Pixel users should be able to find it under the Software Update in settings option. For all the other devices like Sony, HTC, Xiaomi etc will be receiving the official update by the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. Most probably, Sony, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and some of the Android One devices will be getting the official update by on 21 December 2018.

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