Kickstartcabs – A step towards disabled journey

Kickstartcabs Business

Kickstartcabs – A step towards disabled journey

Kickstartcabs- An Introduction

Kickstartcabs is one of the best facility for the disabled. At an age of 48, Miss. Vidhya Ramasubban, 48 had a great understanding of the everyday issues which our community is going through. She was fully attentive to these huge problems faced by the disabled people in India. Therefore, she took an initiative to start Kickstartcabs in early 2016 in Banglore.

Kickstartcabs Business

Well, we never have to think twice before climbing on to the train, a bus or taking one step further towards any journey. We do these ordinary actions almost every day. But what about more than 70 Million disabled peoples in India and all around the world? About 15 % of the migrator-disabled people in India are capable of accessing the public transport unlike the 65% of the all disabled peoples in all the developed countries worldwide.

Kickstartcabs – Their working and user comfort

Miss. Vidhya Ramasubban started the Kickstartcabs business and is working all fine towards helping the disabled people. Kickstartcabs presently is charging Rs.800/- for a single two hour’s trip and a distance of 20km for the wheelchair suffering person. The customers can choose for an appropriate package depending upon their requirements and journey. Through their official website and telephone calls, the individuals can book their journey easily.

Kickstartcabs Business

Founders are also in touch with the call-centers to make the journey more pleasant and accessible. They have also developed an app which makes the booking process through one platform easier. The administrations and operations are handled by two persons hired by manufacturers.

Kickstartcabs – Expanding their business

The idea came into existence through a casual conversation between two childhood friends Ramasubban and Siva in initial 2013. The company was introduced in the early April and successfully launched their first vehicle trial in June. However, it was officially launched in December in that very same year in the city of Banglore. For the time being, they have restricted their business within Bangalore. But the founders have made a commitment that in the very next year they are going to launch their services in the city of Chennai too. While they are striving hard to serve and help more and more people, they are also striving its best to raise fundings for the same.

How the Kickstartcabs idea came into existence?

Kickstartcabs Business

Well, for the disabled people, there are not too many opportunities for traveling because of which they have to stay at home all the time. There are approximately around 268 million disabled people in India, which is 22% more than that of the previous decades. Siva, Vidhya’s colleague said that they have found many people who just stay back at their place and never step out of their front door just because of the less available traveling options. They never go out because they think they are dependent on their family.

Hence, in 2014, they started up with three cars and the fleet has now reached over nine cars successfully. In addition toa sedan to what they call as a turn-out seat, which is one seat that could turn- out from face towards the front to facing towards the car door which will help the person on the wheelchair to easily get into the cab by an in-built ramp.


For the people who are suffering from different disabling diseases, this is a very great step taken for their ease. Siva and Miss. Vidhya has taken a great initiative towards helping these disabled individuals. Because why not, they are also humans and they too have the urge to get out of their houses and see the beautiful world around them.

We, at CEO&Trends, feel that in the near future this initiative would grow at its peak and we will hopefully be able to see Kickstartcabs moving all around us.

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