Jacqueline permanent eye injury

Jacqueline permanent eye injury

Jacqueline permanent eye injury

Jacqueline Fernandez who was recently shooting for her upcoming film Race 3 has suffered a severe eye injury. The effect is said to be long lasting and the scars may remain permanent. It’s sad for her fans and followers who are eagerly anticipating for her upcoming movie. Jacqueline permanent eye injury is definitely making news in the film industry.

Jacqueline permanent eye injury incident

Jacqueline eye injury

Jacqueline is known in Bollywood for her heart throbbing acting skills and daring stunts. While shooting for a squash playing scene on the set of Race 3, she self-injured her eye badly. Following the incident, she was given immediate medical incident but the incident led to a permanent Iris damage. Light enters the eye through the pupil, and iris helps to regulate the amount of light. Iris controls the size of the pupil thus playing a very important role in eyesight.

The eye injury could have been worse

Jacqueline permanent eye injury

Jacqueline permanent eye injury could have been worse. Iris is an important eye organ and a damage might mean losing eyesight. Luckily, Jacqueline didn’t suffer eyesight and is set on medication for a speedy recovery.

Jacqueline loves scars

Jacqueline loves scars

Insta queen of Bollywood is no stranger to injuries. She had previously scratched her arms during the shooting of Judwa 2 and shared it light heartedly on Instagram. Her determination for giving the best shots for her fans has always kept Jacqueline on the edge.

Race 3 is not a sequel to Race 2

Race 3 movie review

Jacqueline previously had shared news about her current as a family based movie and denying it as a sequel to Race 2. Race 3 is set to be released on 15th June as is expected to be yet another hit movie by Salman Khan and Co. Salman Khan always greets his fan with his movie during Eid and does a very good business in box office. There is a lot of expectations from his upcoming movie.


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