Twitter User? Change your password immediately

Twitter Data leak

Twitter User? Change your password immediately

  Twitter has come out with an explanation that their internal investigation revealed that none of the data was stolen or misused by insiders. Still, it has requested its users to consider changing their password.

In their blog, it has said that they are not aware of the number of passwords affected but insiders say that it was exposed for several months and the amount is substantial.

European Union is enforcing a strict privacy policy.

By the end of this may, the European Union will start enforcing a strict new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation, that includes a huge fine for violators.

Twitter’s share price was down 1 percent in extended trade at $30.35, after gaining 0.4 percent during the session.


Twitter share price was substantially affected in the extended trade and may degrade further if more Twitter shortcomings are exposed.

What should you do?

Login to your Twitter account

You will be greeted by this pop-up

Twitter Password Change

Click on settings and you will be prompted to insert old password and then insert your new password. In the next step, you will be prompted to check all your permissions of your twitter account that you granted to other applications.

We also recommend you to switch on Two-Factor authentication to add additional security to your account.

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